The Call-In Show, Volume 2

Episode Summary

Ring ring. HODINKEE speaking.

Episode Notes

Ring ring. HODINKEE speaking.

Show Notes

(3:17) Episode 80: Phil Toledano And Big Baselworld News

(6:00) Giuliano Mazzuoli Manometro

(9:30) Golden Ageing: Prince Michael Of Kent

(13:47) Jon's SBGM221

(15:40) Danny's First Watch

(18:00) The Cartier Tank Américaine In Steel

(20:00) A Brief History of Rolex Stella Dial Timepieces

(29:50)The Complete History Of The Robert Redford Submariner

(30:45) Robert Redord's Doxa in Three Days of the Condor

(32:10) Matthew McConaughey's Doxa in Sahara

(33:00) John Tucker Must Die

(34:30) On The Inside From HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 5

(35:30) Fixer Upper

(59:00) The Watch, Thoroughly Revised

(1:03:00) Reference Points Understanding The Rolex Submariner